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TravelDocs assist you with your Visa United States Application.

The Visa of United States

A visa is required for United States. You can apply for a tourist visa from € 29.95.

Receive your visa within 4 working days

We offer many possibilities in the visa application procedure to have your visa ready in time so that you can travel with confidence!

Safe up to 35%!

We use the best prices when ordering visas online.

How does it work?

1. Apply

Simply apply for a visa, ESTA or eTA by filling in the required information online

2. Checkout online

You can safely pay online with iDEAL, Bancontact, PayPal or credit card.

3. Receive your visa

You will receive the official visa, ESTA or eTA by e-mail (often within 15 minutes). This way you can travel with confidence.

Visa requirements

United States


Your original passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the expiry date of your visa.

It is also important that your passport contains at least 2 empty visa pages that are opposite each other.

Passport photograph

  • 1 recently taken passport photo.
  • Must be 35x45mm by size
  • The photo must be according to passport guidelines

Embassy Registration (highly recommended)

Due to the increasing threat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that every traveler register. In this way, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can inform and support you more easily if necessary.

What is a United States Visa and What are the Costs?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is an authorization to travel to the United States. If you have a passport from a country participating in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), you can apply for an ESTA. An ESTA is equivalent to a visa, you will receive confirmation by email.

All travelers (including children) to America are required to obtain their own visa or ESTA prior to travel. You must also be in possession of an ESTA when transferring (at the airport) in America. The only exception to this is if the plane makes a stop in America to refuel, where you will not leave the plane. In all other situations the traveler must obtain a visa before entering the borders of the United States of America.

Traveldocs can apply for this ESTA for you. We first examine the application before applying for it manually. This way you can be sure that the application was completely correct and safe. This way you can travel to the US without any worries!

Traveldocs charges €44.00,- including VAT per person, per ESTA. Typically, it only takes up to 72 hours after applying for us to receive a response from the U.S. government to the request.

If you would like to know the price for obtaining a regular visa for America (valid for 5 to 10 years), please contact us about this, as rates and requirements may vary per person. It is only possible to request an ESTA entirely digitally via our website.


Conditions for applying for a Visa USA

If you have correctly entered your nationality at the top of this page, you can participate in the Visa Waiver Program and thus apply for an ESTA. However, there are some requirements:

  • The traveler must be in possession of a return or transit ticket for a scheduled flight with an airline or for a cruise with a cruise line registered for ESTAs.
  • The visa allows a total of up to 90 days of consecutive stays in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean islands. Transfers between all these countries must take place within the 90-day period.
  • No previous violations have been committed under United States immigration laws and regulations (eg, exceeding the 90 day length of stay).
  • You need an automatically readable passport to qualify for an ESTA (with an electronic chip).


How long is a United States visa valid and how long can I stay in the country?

An ESTA is valid for 2 years. The stay may contain 90 days at a time. The number of entries has no limit, as long as the stay does not exceed 90 days at a time, within the validity of 2 years.

Can anyone apply for an ESTA?

No. In some cases, the traveler cannot claim an ESTA. This is if a previous application was rejected, or if you are not from one of the countries below:


  • Brunei
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea


  • Almost all Europeans are allowed to apply for an ESTA


  • New Zealand
  • Australia

South America

  • Chili

Are you from a country not listed above? Please contact us for the possibilities.

What if I am not eligible for a United States Visa?

If you are not entitled to an ESTA, you must apply for a regular American visa. You must do this at the American embassy in Wassenaar or the Consulate in Amsterdam. The address details are:

  • The United States Consulate is located at Museumplein 19, 1071 DJ in Amsterdam
  • The Embassy of the United States in the Netherlands is located at John Adams Park 1, 2244 BZ in Wassenaar

Traveldocs can do the preparatory work for you and schedule an appointment for you. If you want to know what to do, what costs you will face and what options there are, please contact us for tailor-made advice.

How do I order my visa at Traveldocs?

STEP 1 – Order your visa online and fill in the questionnaire completely and truthfully. Upload files where necessary.
STEP 2 – We will check your details carefully. If these are complete and in accordance with all the conditions, we will forward the application to the relevant government.
STEP 3 – Once the application has been processed, you will be notified by email.
STEP 4 – Once the visa has been granted and / or reviewed, you will receive a confirmation from us by email, along with the e-visa.
STEP 5 – You must print this e-visa and put it in your passport.

Then you can travel with confidence!

Why order your visa from Traveldocs?

At Traveldocs we guarantee professional, correct, smooth and reliable service.
Our experienced experts will review the application before it is submitted to the Consulate or Embassy of America. Only in this way can you be 100% sure that your application is correctly and safely applied for.
Traveldocs makes the procedure easier for you, so no more complicated website procedures.
You will be kept informed of the status of the request by e-mail or by telephone. You can also follow your request at any time via the track and trace function on our website.

Traveldocs is a Dutch company with years of experience in the right connections to handle your documents correctly. We work together with various tour operators, top clubs, large companies, many SMEs and many others. Your documents are always in safe hands with us.

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