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Yes, a visa is required for your trip to India.

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India: Netherlands Citizen, Business, Multiple Entry, Up to One Year  edit

Important Information

Biometric Data Procedure

The Embassy of India has outsourced the process of issuing visas to a third party. Personal appearance is required to provide biometric data and is only possible by appointment.
CIBTvisas will continue to provide applicants with the highest service level. Due to the complicated visa procedure we recommend the India Executive Service.

India Executive Service

  • Provision of application form, required documents and instructions
  • Quality checking of all documents
  • Document Preparation service
  • Digital Photo service
  • Making an appointment
  • Submission of documents
  • Verifying your visa
  • Visa Scan
  • Free delivery of the passport at Schiphol airport

If you prefer to apply for your visa yourself with less intensive guidance we advise you to choose our Pre Check & Document Preparation service to reduce your chances of rejection.

Pre Check & Document Preparation Service

  • Comprehensive application forms
  • Quality check of all documentation
  • Document Preparation Service

The Documents You Will Need For Your Visa

Each document is part of the CIBTvisas Application Pack which has step-by-step instructions, application forms and the requirements to obtain your travel documents.  Rollover each document for more information. 



Guarantee Letter

Letter of Invitation

Certificate of Incorporation


Company Registration Details

Visa Application Form

CIBTvisas Order Form

Dual nationals

One Year Multiple Entry Applicants

Applicants NOT born in the Netherlands

Applicants Living Outside of The Netherlands

Biometric Exceptions

Employees of a Dutch Ministry

Proof of Previously Used Visas

Embassy Registration (highly recommended)

The CIBTvisas Solution

Over 10 Million Travellers have used CIBTvisas to get the documents they need for their trip.  CIBTvisas is committed to processing your order quickly, securely and as easily for you as possible.

Fast. CIBTvisas is the leading travel visa service and is the fastest way to get a visa.

Easy. If you have any questions throughout the process, CIBTvisas can help. Our experts are available by phone or email.

Secure. Your private data and documents are only handled by screened and bonded CIBTvisas specialists.

Service Fees

Consular fees and CIBTvisas fees are charged per traveller. The total price of your order will depend on the services you select, the number of travellers and the number of business days we have to process your order, starting with the day we submit your application.CIBTvisas fees are per application per visa and are exclusive ofconsular fees and third party fees. CIBTvisas submits consular fees and associated processing fees on your behalf and collects 4.5% for this service.

5 Days Executive Service (after appointment date) excl. VAT incl. VAT
Consular Fee: €152,02 €159,37
CIBTvisas Fee: €399,00 €482,79
India Pre-Check & Document Preparation Service excl. VAT incl. VAT
Consular Fee: €0,00 €0,00
CIBTvisas Fee: €99,00 €119,79

Consular Closings

Please take into account any consular closings that could impact how much time you will need to get your travel documents processed and returned to you prior to your trip.

There are no planned closings at this time.
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